A Boost from the Lord

by | Sep 25, 2020 | Thoughts to Uplift: Brief Encouragement | 0 comments

“Thank you, wind!”  These were the words I heard my then six-year-old exclaim as we walked away from the soccer field and toward our car one cold and windy November morning. Just as I was about to complain of the wind pushing against my back, he gleefully said, “Thank you, wind, for giving me a boost!”  I looked just in time to see the wind give him a little push from behind, which he saw as a “boost” forward,  helping him on our long trek back to the car.  I was so surprised at our different reactions: what annoyed me was something that he was grateful for and even delighted in!

I wondered: what if the very thing we want to complain about is actually a “boost”  from the Lord, a tool that He, in His goodness, would use to accomplish His purposes in and through us? 

For example, He desires to form us more into the image of Himself. He wants us to trust and depend upon Him. He wants us to be content in all circumstances, to give thanks at all times, and to watch and pray. Often the tool and process of Christ-like transformation may, at first glance, resemble a harsh wind more than a helpful “boost.”

By His grace let us remember that which appears to be a bitter, whipping wind, may actually be a gift that boosts us toward the things of Christ!


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