Divine Destination

One summer while in college, I was at the airport in order to fly to NYC for a missions trip. We were going to serve in soup kitchens, AIDS hospitals, and deliver food to the homeless, all while sharing the Gospel and love of Christ to those whom the world would describe as “less fortunate.” Imagine my surprise upon learning that it was requested that I move up to first-class. As I traveled, there in first-class, I could not get over the difference of how I traveled vs. my destination. I traveled in comfort and luxury. My destination was to be one of sacrifice and service.

Similarly, spiritually speaking, I wonder if “how we travel” matches our “destination.” We are heaven-bound, children of God, if we have placed our faith in Jesus Christ. Do our lives reflect that reality? Or are we traveling (living) as those who do not know Christ, without hope, without love, without the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit?

In this five-day devotional, we will be challenged, yet encouraged, in our “travels,” toward our “divine destination.”

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