Eating Disorders: A Parent’s Perspective

(Watch video here.)

More than 30 years ago, my family began one of the hardest journeys, if not THE hardest journey, we’ve ever faced: my diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and the subsequent years-long road to recovery to find the hope, healing, and harmony I have shared about in my testimony.  

Today I am so grateful to share my mom’s perspective. Any parent or loved one who feels alone, helpless, guilty, wondering how this could have happened, etc.,  it is our greatest desire that you would find comfort and encouragement in knowing that you are not alone; that while your loved one may literally be struggling to survive, we recognize the struggle that you, too, are experiencing.  It is to that struggle we wish to speak as we hear my mom’s side of the story, which encompasses my middle and high school years.  

The true and lasting freedom and healing did not come for me until college, which I share about in my testimony.  

To see the video of the conversation I had with my mom (A Parent’s Perspective), please visit the link posted above. To read my testimony, please click here.


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