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"Fresh, Fat, and Flourishing: Aging in the Grace of God" - What lessons can be learned through the flipping through of an old photo album? In this article, we are reminded that in Him our fruitfulness, effectiveness, and beauty only increase with age and as we walk with Him - they don't decrease! These truths offer hope to the aging and vision for the young.
"How to Guard Your Heart" - We all know the importance of guarding our hearts, but how can we, practically speaking, actually guard them? This article offers five ways we can ward off the unwelcomed invaders of our hearts.
"Lessons From the Linen Closet" - What heart lessons can be learned while cleaning out a linen closet? It turns out, a lot! If you think what you do is insignificant if unseen or unpraised by others - grab your coffee and let's "chat!" There is so much more to what you do than meets the eye. And truth be told? I'm convinced that not only do the hidden parts of our lives matter but they can be the most worshipful and meaningful parts of our lives, when viewed through the proper perspective.
"Freely Received" - What do you do when asked to love a difficult person or extend a particular grace to someone who does not seemingly deserve it? How do you respond when confronted with the Biblical commands that teach how to treat one another, especially the commands that feel so impossible to obey? Could remembering what you have freely received be the key? Could viewing yourself primarily as the recipient be what enables you to in turn be the giver?