February 2021 ~ Love

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This printable provides one verse per day for you (or you and your family) to read and pray throughout the month of February.

“God proved His love on the cross.  When Christ hung, and bled, and died, it was God saying to the world, ‘I love you.’”  (Billy Graham)

The love of God!  Where to even begin?!  Speaking of the psalmist, it was said that while he was “deeply impressed by the faithfulness, righteousness, and judgement of God, it was His loving-kindness that was the beginning and the ending of his thoughts. To this the soul turns with ever new delight and wonder when reflecting on the character and the doings of God.  Here our hope begins; and to this attribute of the Almighty, when we have learned all else that we can learn about God, the soul turns with ever new delight.”  (Barnes)

With this printable, we have the opportunity to be reminded of what love truly is, as defined and demonstrated by God Himself!  As was said of the psalmist, we are invited to turn our souls toward the love of God, with ever new delight!

Having reflected upon His amazing love, we will also be challenged to be conduits of His love.  It is for this reason I have compiled  28 verses (one for every day of the month) for us to read, reflect upon, share with our children, and most importantly, make our prayer (for ourselves and our family).  

Will you join me?

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