Aren’t you so grateful to know that your story is not over?  That regardless of how things appear today, in this moment, you have a God who is in control and working all things out for His glory and your good?

I sure am.  And I find such comfort – and hope – in today’s verses:

“The godly grow like a palm tree; they grow high like a cedar in Lebanon.  Planted in the Lord’s house, they grow in the courts of our God.  They bear fruit even when they are old; they are filled with vitality and have many leaves.”  (Psalm 92:12-14 NET)

The KJV puts it this way: “Those that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.  They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall be fat and flourishing…” (verses 13-14)

The NKJV says, “… they shall be fresh and flourishing.”

Palm trees thrive  in dry places.  Friends, even in the dry seasons of life, we, too, can thrive in Christ.  In fact, those are the times our roots tend to grow deepest in Him, as we find that He is all we need.  As Corrie ten Boom said, “You can never learn that Christ is all you need, until Christ is all you have.”

Palm trees produce more fruit the older they get.  How wonderful it is to know that with each passing day, in Him, we can bear more – not less – fruit!  The fruit may look different from season to season, but there is still fruit.  (“They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season…” Psalm 1:3 NLT)

The cedars of Lebanon grew in the mountains and to an incredible height: up to 120 feet it is believed.  They were also incredibly wide, making them immovable despite winds or other forces of nature.  Friends, this is what He is growing us into as well: women who are strong and immoveable, regardless of whatever may come our way.  Corrie ten Boom also stated, “The tree on the mountain takes whatever the weather brings.  If it has any choice at all, it is in putting down roots as deeply as possible.”

Indeed, whatever season of life we are in, whatever we are going through, let us continue to look to, and hope in, Him, knowing that He is still working and growing each and every one of us.   Let’s make these verses our prayer: that by His grace, we would continue in growth, continue in fruit-bearing, and that day by day we would be fresh, fat, and flourishing in Him. 


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