Follow Me

“…what is that to you? You follow Me.”

These are the final words of Jesus recorded in the Gospel of John; words spoken to Peter after he asked, “Lord, what about him?” (Read John 21 for the full picture.)  And they are words that we would do well to remember when we ourselves wonder, “What about what he did?” or “What about what she said?” or “What is that person going to do?”

When times of doubt, comparison, frustration, or even anger set in because we have spent too much time looking around, how we simply need to go back to these words and ask ourselves, “What is that to me?”  

Really, what is it to me – what is it to you – what anyone else does? My charge – and yours-  is to simply follow Him. We don’t need to be – we must not be – distracted by looking around. Haven’t we spent enough time doing that? Haven’t we learned that it only leads to anxiety, pride, or depression?  Isn’t it time to get back to basics, watching over our own hearts and lives so that we might personally follow Him?

Yes, the words Jesus spoke centuries ago are the same words for us today: “YOU follow ME.”  May we stop looking around and rather look to the One whom we love because He first loved us. 

May we simply follow Him.


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