God-Admiring Thoughts

“God-admiring thoughts.”  Adoring where we cannot fathom.

That is often the posture of heart and mind that we see expressed by the psalmist.  Might it be the posture of heart and mind in us as well!  

“Admire—where you cannot fathom. ‘Can you by searching find out God?’ Here on earth, we see some beams of his glory, we see him in the looking-glass of the creation; we see him in his picture—his image shines in the saints. But who can search out all his essential glory?  ‘Can you by searching find out God?’ He is infinite. We can no more search out his infinite perfections, than a man upon the top of the highest mountain can take a star in his hand! Oh, have God-admiring thoughts! Adore where you cannot fathom!” (Thomas Watson)

How unfathomable He truly is!  How unsearchable! Who can comprehend how vast and great – yet personal and present – He is!  With just the faintest glimpse of Him, is there any way one can respond other than to simply echo the words of David?  “Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too great for me to understand.” (Psalm 139:6 NLT)

May we adjust the line of our vision, lifting our gaze to the One who is incomprehensible!  As we do, may we, too, find ourselves in awe and wonder of Him –  adoring where we cannot fathom.


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