Hope for a Silent Night after a Disappointing Day

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Christmas: a time of year that is synonymous with joy, peace, and hope, but if we’re honest, can often be filled with sorrow, stress, and sleeplessness.  With so much, seemingly, dependent upon us as we juggle busier-than-ever calendars, countless gatherings, the perfect menu, and multiple Christmas wish-lists, no wonder it is so easy to become overwhelmed when disappointment sets in and plans and expectations fail to be met.

Would you like a game plan, a “go-to,” on how to meet disappointment head on this holiday season, all while actually growing closer to Christ, without losing the “joy and peace” of the season?  Would you like to be reminded of His truth so that your frustrations and disappointments don’t ruin the wonder-filled season for those around you?

You see, one year as we entered the Christmas season and set back and disappointment piled one on top of another, anxious thoughts also began to pile one on top of another.  I had a choice to make: I could give into them or I could give them over to God.  Years ago, I would have given in and let disappointment, frustration, and anxiety dominate my day.  In doing so, I probaby would have ruined a few of my loved ones’ day as well.  This time, however, I knew to give them over to God: He was able to handle my shortcomings and disappointments.  He would be able to give me whole peace in the midst of my broken plans.

As I went about my day, choosing to celebrate His goodness, He was magnified.

As He was magnified, my disappointment was minimized.

I quickly realized this would not be the last time I would experience thoughts of disappointment, worry, or anxiety that holiday season and that I needed to be mindful of my thinking.

If you, too, are ready to conquer the disappointments that are bound to come your way this season, read on!  We will consider how to:

Redirect our thought life
Release our cares and disappointments to Him
Remember that He cares for us
Return to a place of yieldedness
Reframe our disappointments as divine appointments
Respond to disapointment in an intentional way

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