Just Three Words

“Increase our faith!” the disciples cried, after Jesus’ teaching.

“Lord, help me!” begged the Canaanite woman, whose daughter was suffering.

“Be our help!” the psalmist exclaimed, when all seemed hopeless.

In each scenario, it took just three simple words to move beyond themselves, their sufficiency, or their perspective and reach out to the heart – and for the help – of God.

John Bunyan (writer of The Pilgrims Progress), wrote, “It should comfort your heart if the anguish of your spirit keeps your words few. The Holy Spirit stirs up your heart in groans and sighs so much the more vehement when your mouth is hindered. Though your mouth is hindered, your spirit is not.”

In my weariness, “Be my strength.”
In my longing, “Be my satisfaction.”
In my frustration, “Be my peace.”
In my sorrow, “Be my joy.”
In my conviction, “Be my cleansing.”
In my fatigue, “Be my rest.”
In my anxiety, “Be my calm.”

If your words are few today but your troubles many, if your heart is overwhelmed but your prayers feel lacking, take heart.  He hears your every word and cry.  Even when it’s few.  And when words won’t come, He hears your every sigh.  Directed upward, hearts looking and longing and leaning toward Him, even “three words” – or a single sigh – reach the heart of our Heavenly Father.


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