Knowing Enough

What can thank you notes teach us about responding – in faith – to the unknowns of life?  

It was still weeks before Christmas when I found cards – stamped, addressed, and ready to be mailed – from my daughter to her grandparents and other family members. When I asked her what they were, she replied that they were thank you notes for the Christmas gifts she would receive in a few weeks. Confused, I asked how could she write these notes without knowing what the gifts would be. She replied, “I wrote, ‘Thank you for the Christmas gift. I love it.’”   She continued, “And I know I WILL love it!”

What a picture of walking in faith!  She didn’t receive the gift yet, she just knew it was coming. She didn’t have any idea of what it would be but was thankful for it. Knowing the gifts were coming from those who loved her was enough for her to know she would love them. 

Perhaps we can relate to a child’s anticipation of receiving a Christmas gift as we too are faced with waiting, wondering, and longing.  It might be that we are waiting for an answer to prayer or guidance in an important decision.  Perhaps we are wondering how this situation will work out or when this trial will be over.

Despite the waiting and wondering, we, too, can say “thank you” – not because we know how it will work out or what it will look like but because we know the One who is the Giver of every good and perfect gift. He is the One who hears and answers our cries and who is working out all things in conformity to His will. 

Simply put, what we know is greater than what we don’t know: we know that He loves us.  And that is enough.


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