Letting Go

It has been said that the sovereignty of God (the fact that God is in control) is one of the most comforting doctrines to the Christian. Spurgeon said if we would only remember that He is sovereign, a “holy calm” would come over our minds.

I realized not only would I experience His calm but also His comfort…and so much more.

I began to scribble down the affects upon my heart, my mind, my reactions, and my relationships that could come by believing, really believing, that He is in control. Here’s what I discovered:

Remembering that God is sovereign…

…allows me to be comforted in my confusion,

turn my worry into worship,

my panic into peace,

my fretting into faith,

my agony into awe (of God & His ways)

my trembling into trust,


my restlessness into true rest.

Instead of lashing out, I can let go.

Instead of getting worked up, I can be

confident that He will work this out.

Instead of complaining, I can be content.

And instead of grumbling, I can get on with


my God and my King, the Sovereign One!

How about you? How have you been affected by the knowledge of His sovereignty?

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