Not Shaken

“I don’t need to see you, Mommy. I know you’re here.” These words, spoken in the dark of night by a troubled little heart, were uttered by my son as I sat next to his bed. He did not need to see me nor did he need my touch or to hear my voice,  he just needed my presence. Knowing I was near was enough to bring comfort and calm to his heart.  

David expressed similar thoughts when he said, “I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand, I shall not be shaken.”  He was saying – and we can too – that His presence is enough to keep me steady, to keep me from falling, growing faint, or being shaken. 

Regardless of what is happening around me or taking place within me, I need not be moved because His presence is constant. 

Perhaps like my son, our nights seem dark or our hearts feel troubled. Let’s “set the Lord before us” – choosing to be mindful of His constant presence – as we “keep our eyes always” on Him (NIV). He is enough:

“How God suits Himself to our need!  In darkness, He is a Sun; in the sultry noon, a Shield; in our earthly pilgrimage He gives grace; when the morning of heaven breaks, He will give glory.  He suits Himself to every varying circumstance in life. Learn the art of extracting from God the special form of help of which you stand in need.”  (F.B. Meyer)  

With our God, THIS God!,  beside us (and within us), we need not be shaken!


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