Not Yet Ripened

Therefore we must progress beyond the elementary instructions about Christ and move on to maturity… Hebrews 6:1 NET

Today my 9 year old and I read about “growing as a Christian.”  I love the story that was told of Charles Simeon.  He was a pastor in London, from 1783-1836. While he was known as a godly man who loved God’s Word, “he continued to struggle with controlling his temper.”  One day he visited Henry Venn and responded harshly to another man, in front of Mr. Venn’s daughters. We read, “After Pastor Simeon left, Mr. Venn took his daughters into their garden and asked them to pick a young peach for him. When his girls asked why their father wanted a peach that had not yet ripened, he said, ‘Well, my dears, it is green now, and we must wait; but a little more sun, and a few more showers, and the peach will be ripe and sweet. So it is with Mr. Simeon.’ And so it is with all of us…” (The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith)


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