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Replacing our thoughts with God’s truth.

As we meditate upon the Word of God, we experience a transformation (a shift) in our perspective, in how we interpret what is going on around us, and in what is truly important in our day-to-day lives. This transformation leads to clarity of vision, understanding, and purpose. It affects both the little moments of our days and the life-altering ones, the interactions we have both with our loved ones and those who are a challenge to love, and how we chooose to conduct ourselves both in our public and our private lives.

If you desire to renew your mind and experience a perspective shift — as God’s Word speaks to your situations, thoughts, and emotions — listen in! I’m so glad you’re here!

Featured Series/Episodes by Topic (click on the pictures or titles below):

A Story-Filled Summer: A Series Offering Hope, Wisdom, and Encouragement to Let God Write Your Story:

Finding A Woman of Worth: A Study on Proverbs 31

Knowing & Growing in God

Select Interviews

Three Part Christmas Series:

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Passion Week Scripture Reading:

Palm Sunday (ep. 11) / Monday (ep. 12) / Tuesday (ep. 13) / Wednesday (ep. 14) / Thursday (ep. 15) / Good Friday (ep. 16) / Easter Sunday (ep. 17)
Listen to episodes 10 and 18, “How Much More: Lessons From the Crucifixion Parts 1 and 2” for the significance of the cross.

Notes for Select Episodes:

When You Wonder if He Cares (The Good Shepherd) (S1 E23)

Rest for Your Soul (S1 E22)

Cultivating Joy (S1 E21)

Moving from “Having Devotions” to “Living Devotedly” (S1 E19)

How Much More: Lessons From the Crucifixion, Part 2 (S1 E11)

How Much More: Lessons From the Crucifxion, Part 1 (S1 E10)

Why ‘God With Us’ Matters, Part 2 (S1 E9)

Why ‘God With Us’ Matters, Part 1 (S1 E8)


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