Rest For My Soul: A 5 Day Bible Study to Help You Experience Lasting Peace

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“Rest for My Soul” is a five-day, printable Bible study.

“All I want is REST!”

That was my answer one year when asked what I wanted for Mother’s Day…or maybe it was Christmas, or perhaps even my birthday. Truth be told, I can’t remember the occasion but I DO remember the sinking feeling when I realized all I really wanted, no one could give me.

How about you? Are you tired, weary, or worried? Are you carrying such heavy burdens that rest of soul – peace of mind and heart – seem forever out of grasp?

In this 5 day printable Bible study, we consider valuable and practical lessons from David, Asa, Abraham, and Martha & Mary that will point us beyond our circumstances, whatever they may be, and help us find true and lasting peace in Christ.

I pray you will be blessed!


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