You Are Not Alone

A gentle reminder today for the one who feels lonely: you are not alone.  

Noah may have felt lonely in terms of human companionship (or lack thereof), but walking closely with His God, he certainly was not alone.

If you feel as though you’re the “only one” – in whatever the situation may be, remember that as you walk with your God, you, like Noah, are never alone.  (Genesis 6:9)

Nor are you alone as you seek to obey and grow closer to Him.  He is with you. 

You are not alone as you walk through troubling times. He is with you, as declared by the psalmist.  (Psalm 46:1)

You are not alone as you struggle to be content with what you have or where you are.  He is with you and is the Source of all satisfaction, as we learn from Hebrews 13:5.

You are not alone as you take that next step forward into what the Lord has called you to do. He is with you, as He was with the disciples.  (Matthew 28:20)

And you are not alone regardless of where you are or what you are going through, good or bad, darkness or light; He is with you still.  Forever.  Always. (Psalm 139)

So friends, if today you’re feeling lonely, let the truth of “God with you” bring you hope, comfort, and contentment. 

You are not alone.


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