Your Unique “Song”

As winter has faded into spring, it has brought about one of my all-time favorite moments: hearing the songbirds’ morning songs.  Every year, I am reminded of how much joy these songs bring to me.  I love how some belt out loud calls, while others are quiet, in the background, yet  beautiful.  Some have feverish and fast songs, while others are slow and steady.  Put together, these birds form one, beautiful symphony.  I enjoy each “voice,” each unique characteristic, and am reminded of how grateful I am that the Lord didn’t just make one kind of bird. How boring it would be to hear the same sound over and over again.  What beauty there is in diversity!

And I’m reminded that the same is true of us.  We each have a different “song:” different strengths, different experiences, different backgrounds, different perspectives.  But how needful each one is!  Some remind me of the louder birds, those in the forefront that you just can’t miss!  Others remind me of those I hear in the background, that could be easier to miss, but once my ear is attuned to them, I realize their sound is the loveliest of all.  Others are like the fast and feverish – full of energy that get you all excited – while others are like the slow and steady ones, that just bring peace by their very presence.  

As the songbirds affirm  how grateful I am for the diversity found in the body of Christ, I am reminded of the most important lesson these little birds teach me through their songs every spring morning: that just as EACH ONE brings ME such joy, our real duty, our greatest privilege, is to bring joy to our Creator, “singing” whatever “song,” playing whatever part, He has called us to play in this great symphony of His.   Friends, if no one else hears your “song,” He does.  If no one else appreciates your uniqueness, that’s ok.  Your song – your life –  is both from Him AND for Him.  You serve an audience of One.  

There is therefore no need to compare, compete, or convince yourself that you need to be like someone else.  Rather, knowing that you are His workmanship, fearfully and wonderfully made, uniquely created in His image, for His purposes and His pleasure, “Sing!”


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