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How could remembering the simple truth that God is with you in every situation and every moment impact your daily life? In this 4 day plan YouVersion reading plan, we will witness how the assurance of God's presence brought comfort, confidence, calm, and courage to His people and how it can do the same for us. (To begin this plan, click on the image above or find it on the YouVeresion Bible app.)

"Passion Week" (or Holy Week), the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, reflects upon the passion displayed by Jesus as He endured the excruciating pain of the cross. Through this 7 day YouVersion reading plan of select passages taken from His final week, we posture our hearts to praise Him for all He has done, marvel at His gift of salvation, and remember how much He loves and cares for His children. (To begin this plan, click on the image above or find it on the YouVersion Bible app.)

What can we do when we're confronted with temptations around us or unwelcome thoughts and emotions within us? How can we guard against such "unwanted invaders"? Throughout this 6 day YouVersion reading plan, we will consider five practical ways in which we can guard the place where the battle will ultimately be won: our hearts.

How do you describe a successful homeschool year? In this 5 day YouVersion reading plan we travel to the watchtower, vineyard, olive grove, and farm to learn important lessons to ensure a successful year - and a fruitful one. We conclude our travels by visiting the home, where we consider practical ways to cultivate an environment for growth in both us and our children.